It’s reaching that time of year when you really need to be selective about which social media accounts you’re following. For no other reason than when the temps go down here, the amount of people boasting about European holidays and posting pictures of a magnificent beach on the Amalfi Coast go up!

Fortunately you can bring a taste of Europe home way easier than a 24 hour plane ride, and sit back sipping on a drink that will transport you to Positano in an instant. Introducing Gravity Hard Soda Lemoncello by Gravity Drinks Co.

With their staple trademark; Over Sugar? The team wanted to close the gap between highly sugary RTDs, and those that are low in sugar and skimp on flavour. So, whether you are a lemon cocktail fan, limoncello fan or Hard Solo fan, this concoction will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied without the sugar hangover.

According to stats by Roy Morgan, there has been an increase in the consumption of RTDs with well over 1 in 5 Aussies consuming them regularly. Vodka and lemon flavours are also very popular.

With Less than 0.5g of sugar and 114 calories, this drink is one of the lowest Lemon RTD Blends on the market in terms of Sugar and calories. This blend offers a pure, zesty flavour that is refreshingly crisp with a delightful twist of artisanal lemoncello crafted from the finest lemons, paired with a Five Times Distilled Premium Australian Vodka.

You can find this taste of Europe for $26 for a four-pack / $23.00 on promo at Vintage Cellars nationwide, and key independent bottle shop chains

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