As the weather gets colder in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re finding ourselves more and more drawn to a glass of bourbon or scotch as our tipple of choice, and we’re excited to introduce Kentucky Owl The Maighstir Edition.

Reinventing traditional whiskey, while paying homage to the centuries-old craft, Maighstir Edition is a collaboration of premium scotch and bourbon, launching with the help of Kentucky Owl’s Master Blender, Maureen Robinson who came out of retirement just for this special bottle. 

We asked Maureen what makes this edition so special and what to look out for if you get the chance to taste this beauty:

At Kentucky Owl we are trying to make the brand name known worldwide thus allowing people who are not accustomed to the bourbon category to explore its diversity of flavour. The introduction of the Kentucky Owl Limited Edition Collaborative Series of which Kentucky Owl Maighstir is the 3rd expression it is about showing consumers how diverse that flavour can be by linking into other spirit styles. When I was asked to be involved in Kentucky Owl Maighstir I was intrigued by the remit I was given ‘help create a 100% Straight Bourbon that is reminiscent of a Scotch while still retaining its bourbon credentials’. I saw this project as a development opportunity as my past experience where bourbon was concerned was the impact ex bourbon casks had on Scotch whisky and from a social perspective it had never really been on my radar. My recollection of bourbon was that it was very oaky, vanilla sweet and a bit one dimensional but I was proved wrong. One of the key elements in all of these collaborations was the cask selection ie picking casks that had the aroma/flavour reminiscent of the style being portrayed and then making up various blends finally picking the one that most represented the style of liquid we wanted to depict. The main thing I find fascinating with Kentucky Owl Maighstir is the aroma/flavour story. When you first nose it you would think it is a Scotch but with time the bourbon characters then come to the fore whereas when you taste it the journey has changed the bourbon traits comes first then the Scotch but the story doesn’t stop there. By adding a few drops of water the sequencing of the aroma remains unchanged although the boubon attributes are enhanced but it is on the palate you find an unusual change, the Scotch qualities come first then followed by the bourbon characteristics.

Find this extremely limited blend online at RRP $249.90 AUD.

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