As the Oscars dazzled the world with glamour and style, one trend stood out on the red carpet: bold lips. From classic reds to daring berries, Hollywood’s elite showcased stunning lip looks that are sure to inspire beauty enthusiasts everywhere. And now, you can achieve those same captivating lips with the latest Korean cosmetics brand to launch in Australia this month, Muzigae Mansion’s luxurious lip colours.

Muzigae Mansion, the Korean vegan cosmetic brand renowned for its innovative approach to makeup, formulations and decadent packaging, offers a range of lip products that combine lightweight formulas with vibrant hues, perfect for making a statement on any occasion. With our products, you can effortlessly channel the elegance and sophistication of your favourite Oscar stars.

Classic Red: Inspired by Emma Watson

Recreate Emma’’s timeless Hollywood glamour with Muzigae Mansion’s Velvety Red Lipstick. The rich pigmentation and hydrating formula will leave your lips feeling luscious and luxurious all night long.

Bold Brown Elegance: Following Kerry Washington’s Lead

Take cues from Kerry’s understated elegance with Muzigae Mansion’s bold brown lipstick. The subtle yet sophisticated shade will enhance your natural beauty and complement any ensemble effortlessly.

Bold Berry: Channelling Margot Robbie

Emulate Margot s daring berry lip colour with Muzigae Mansion’s lip gloss. The intense shine and long-lasting wear will ensure your lips steal the spotlight wherever you go.

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