Feeling the winter blues slowly setting in? Summer might be officially over, but Captain Morgan is still turning up the heat with the launch of Captain Morgan Tropical rum this month.

Captain Morgan Tropical is the sweet, smooth flavour of the Captain Morgan we all know and love, but much fruitier. Take a trip to the tropics with a mouthful of ripe pineapple and juicy mango, offering a clean finish and fruity after-taste – you’ll be on island time in no time.

Enjoyed best with a bit of sunscreen, great mates, good banter, and mixed simply with soda and ice, there’s no need to shake or stir – you’re on vacation after all!

Signature serve: Captain Morgan Tropical with Soda

Simply pour 30ml Captain Morgan Tropical over plenty of ice in a tall glass and top up with 100ml of soda water.

(0.7 STD drinks)

Captain Morgan Tropical is available in 700mL bottles and is on shelves across Australia in all leading liquor stores, priced at RRP$45, 30% ABV.

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