Getting the Christmas roasts cooked just right can be a stressful time, but fear not, help is at hand.

The CROSSRAY Smart Meat Probe is here and is the perfect gift for the foodie friend who spends all summer stationed by the BBQ on grilling patrol. 

RRP: $99.95

Grill without the guesswork, with perfectly tender meat every time. Simply download the BBiQ app, set your ideal temperature or cooking time (or choose from one of the app’s presets) and get notified on your phone when your meal is ready. This way, the Smart Meat Probe can take care of the cooking while you enjoy the party!

  • Made from food grade stainless IP67 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 9 metres 
  • Ability to measure food temperatures between 0°C – 99°C
  • Ability to measure grill/oven temperatures between 0°C – 276°C
  • Charges to full capacity in 2 minutes
  • Customisable presets on the BBiQ app

For further information on the Smart Meat Probe visit the CROSSRAY website here

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