Beer… it’s great isn’t it? There’s so much on offer these days too with local breweries popping up left, right and centre. We’re taking an interest in home brew too, as a great hobby with an even better end result (fingers crossed). So we’ve asked the guys at Country Brewer in Petersham to help us out with some handy home brew hints. Take it away guys!

Country Brewer

I shudder every time I hear someone say, “I only brew in summer”. It is believed that beer has to brew in warm temperatures, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Maintaining a constant temperature is very important when brewing, but it’s a fallacy that all beer must brew warm. Lagers & Pilsner for example generally brew cold (8 – 15 degrees).

A lot of people that brew in winter go to great lengths to warm the brew when they could be using yeast that is more suited to the colder conditions (lager yeast).

It is in fact more difficult to produce consistent results in summer, as in many cases the brew gets too hot resulting in clarity, taste & head retention problems.

A beer brewed at cold temperatures tends to have a crisp dry flavour, great head retention, & clear more consistently without any change in method. There is no special requirement apart from NOT heating.

There are a number of lager style yeasts available in both dry & liquid form. There are a few beer packs that do supply lager yeast with the can – ask for advice.

Lager yeast can be used on any style beer pack, & there are a number of choices available. Keep in mind that a lot of liquid yeasts are suited to the colder months

After all we live in Australia, where its hot as Hell 😉

Country Brewer is not just a shop for beer making, did you know we also sell the following:

  • Green Coffee beans, perfect for winter
  • natural sausage casings
  • bacon kits, to make your own bacon OINK!
  • Green coffee beans
  • Pop corn machines to roast you beans, yes that’s right you can roast coffee beans in a popcorn maker
  • Cultures to make your own yogurt
  • All your cheese making requirements
  • and much, much more…

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