When selecting furniture to purchase for a nursery, elements such as space, colour, theme and functionality all have to be taken into consideration. Every nursery is unique in its own way, however, one thing that they all have in common is the inclusion of a cot – one of the most important investments for any new parent.

Parents want to know that the cot will not only look beautiful in the space that they have created for their little one, but that it will be high-quality and keep their baby safe as well. The whole process can be daunting and parents may have a lot of questions! To help with this, we’ve enlisted Steve Cenatiempo, Managing Director at Tasman Eco to help put new parents at ease and give them some helpful advice ahead of their purchase.

Find Steve’s top five tips below:

  1. Always have safety standards top of mind

Australian Cot Safety Standards are always evolving. When parents are looking to purchase a cot they should always ensure that their purchase meets the current safety standards and be mindful that older cots may not pass current and updated standards. This is especially important if you are deciding between purchasing a new cot or buying second hand.

2. Make sure you get warranty

Warranty is always important when buying any product, and shouldn’t be forgotten when purchasing nursery furniture. When buying a new cot, parents are guaranteed 5 years’ warranty and this is a policy that Tasman Eco strongly believe in. Parents considering purchasing second-hand should however be conscious that they are not guaranteed the same length warranty or any warranty at all.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions  

Reputable nursery retailers will ensure that you are equipped with the correct information as you prepare to purchase a cot. If you have questions about what product will best suit your lifestyle, need assurance of safety or just want to speak to an expert to get their opinion, don’t be afraid to do so. Nursery retailers will always consider both your needs and Australian Safety Standards, making the process easier and less stressful for you.

4. Imports

Purchasing your cot from a reputable retailer also gives you choice from a wide range of brands and styles, as well as products complying with the tough Australian Standards. Parents should be alert if not buying from a retailer, as cheaper, non-compliant cots will occasionally surface on the online market. Without a proper understanding of the safety features and look-and-feel of a product online, parents can put both themselves and child at risk.

5.Fresh from the packaging vs wear and tear

Flat-packs may not be everyone’s friend, but they can be a better option than not having the instructions or finding missing or modified parts when you pick up a second hand cot. Purchasing from a retailer means that you need not to be concerned about wear and tear, such as fractures or weaknesses of the timber that can lead the product to fail, and you can also take advantage of getting a professional to assemble the cot. This will save time, stress and potentially a lot of frustration.

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