It seems like every second person you speak to right now, they’re into running. And with a few of Sydney’s favourite running events coming up, including the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10/5K this year is hosting a “Retro Run” inspired by the 80s, we thought we’d get some tips from one of the country’s best runners, Ben St Lawrence. Ben is a dual Olympian who specialises in 5 & 10K races and is also the former Australian record holder for the 10k.

Here are his top 5 tips for mastering a 10K run:

  1. Be consistent.

A single session is not going to make a big difference to your results. Rather an accumulation of the work that you do over days, weeks and months is what will make the difference, and that is why consistency is key.

I would recommend coming up with a plan or seeking out a running group who you can train with.

When it comes to training, rather than going all out in one session and never being about to match it again, build up your kms and workload gradually so you can keep improving. This approach will reduce your chance of getting a strained muscle, tear or injury. Aim for “good” weeks of training as opposed to getting fired up just for one day.

A few ideas could be:

●      Find a running buddy to not only keep you accountable but to make the experience more social

●      Join a run crew, again the community aspect and structure are a great pull to keeping you coming back

●      Schedule your runs into your diary, and keep them as you would any other appointment.

  1. Leave enough time for recovery.

When it comes to any fitness gain, be it to improve your running abilities, build muscle or strength, it is all about stress, recovery and adaptation. Therefore, you need to ensure your body has enough time to adapt and improve.

The key is to build up your kms, strength and endurance gradually. If you are new to running, aim to run every second or third day, as this is enough to help you improve. On the other days, add in some strength training and low impact cross-training for a well-rounded program.

  1. Strength training

When it comes to strength and cross-training, while it is all good for you, some specific muscle groups are good to work to help improve your run.

For starters, when we run, we are on one leg at a time. Therefore doing exercises that isolate each leg is a good way to ensure they are both getting worked evenly. One-leg TRX squats and side lunges are great exercises to start with

Working out your core is also essential to maintaining good posture which is a big component to running long distances.

  1. A warm up is key

Warming up is key when it comes to any type of exercise, but particularly running. Coming straight from your car or desk, especially in the cooler months, is a great way to pull a muscle.

A good warm up will consist of “dynamic stretching”, such as leg swing, toe walks and hip flexor stretches. If you are very tight in a certain area, static stretches can be good too, but generally, I prefer to go dynamic as it warms your muscles up and gets them ready to do the work ahead.

  1. Don’t forget about the basics

Diet, hydration sleep and the basics, don’t forget about them. If you recover well, you will train better. Make sure you are replenishing your nutrients, especially after a training session with lean protein, antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies, Wholefoods, healthy carbs and fats. Get your 8 hours of sleep per night, and sip on water all day.

Dress Up and get ready to run!

An 80s-themed “Retro Run” is coming to Sydney on July 28, 2024, and whether you like running, or simply like to dress up, the event is not to be missed!

As running culture experiences a huge resurgence, we find ourselves heading back to its roots – and that is the vibrant, high-energy running scene of the 80s and 90s that made running what it is today. 

Through the iconic Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10&5K event this year, we will celebrate this renaissance with an event that is more than just a race. It’s a time-travelling experience, a throwback that merges fitness, fun, and nostalgia!  Runners of all ages are welcome and encouraged to dress up for prizes.

2024 will also see our renewed mission to help give the people you love Australia’s best cancer research through our partnership with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). This year we will support them as they celebrate their 40-year milestone.

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