As the famous Dads Stuff saying goes, too much TRUFF is never enough, and we think we have our lunches sorted for the next few weeks.

Two respected classics collide in this one-off collab; making an Aussie favourite even more indulgent, and most importantly, supersized (look at that depth). Encased within Banksia’s buttery and flaky pastry are some of the bold flavours you’re best able to find in the States. 

From the inventors of the cramington and skilled makers of the cruffin, Banksia Bakehouse has taken this savoury challenge in their stride. Filled with chorizo, slow-cooked beef brisket, caramelised onion and TRUFF Original Hot Sauce, this pizza-pie amalgamation then has mozzarella, cheddar, chorizo and basil sprinkled across its lid. Prepare to be transported to the windy city. 

“Americans might typically think of pies as dessert, but in Australia, pies are a savoury staple. We wanted to bring more innovation to an Aussie classic using TRUFF and we think this pie does just that. TRUFF’s Original Hot Sauce has such a unique flavour profile, and I think it’s something that more people over here should experience”, says Aileen Zhang, Co-Founder of Banksia Bakehouse. 

If you’re new to the TRUFF fan club, firstly, about time, secondly, here’s what you can expect…a flavour profile usually reserved for fine tequilas, food delicacies, and elegant dining experiences. The perfect balance between heat and flavour, allowing hot sauce lovers to elevate any at-home dish. 

TRUFF x Banksia’s Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pie is the meaty, spicy mashup you didn’t know y’all needed. Available for purchase at $10 RRP as of July 4, however serving as a special for the remainder of the month, head in store to Banksia Bakehouse at 225 George Street, Sydney, to get your TRUFF fix.

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