This is not click bait… we repeat, this is not click bait. We are about to tell you where you can get a free burger, this Burger Day.

Future Farm is encouraging Aussie carnivores to ditch the beef and bite down on some plant-based patties this National Burger Day (Saturday May 28), bringing some vegan flair to one of our favourite foodie holidays in the calendar year. Partnering with MasterChef 2021 alumni, Justin Narayan, the chef-made burger is available for one day only so get in quick and come hungry.

Setting up outside the iconic Bondi SLSC on National Burger Day, locals can line up to try the Vegan Smash Slider for FREE. The free slider is stacked with x2 Future Burger patties and x2 slices of melted vegan cheese, your fluffy vegan brioche bun will be bursting with pickles and lettuce before being doused in a not-so-secret sauce…mayo, lemon and pinch of salt all combined with TRUFF’s Original Hot Sauce. As the self-proclaimed purveyors of heat, consider this your official spice warning. Time to put Future Farm to the test and add a little more plant-based protein to your daily diet.

“You know that moment when you take a bite of something, and it absolutely blows your mind! Well, Future Burger is just that. It’s 100% vegan, sustainable, carbon neutral, has no artificial flavours or colouring, and it’s not a carrot.. The Future Farm plant-based Smash Slider we’ve created with a TRUFF burger sauce is mouth wateringly good – for you and the planet. But let’s be honest, taste is the most important, and in my opinion, it hits the nail on the head there too”, says Justin Narayan, Future Farm Brand Ambassador. 

Composed only of vegan ingredients that are free from gluten, any artificial aromas or colouring, as well as no-gmo, Future Farm patties possess a level of flavour that makes even the most ardent meat lovers (and Mother Nature) proud. Having nailed the formula, this vegan smash burger will have you second guessing whether you’ve wrapped your mouth around traditional meat by mistake.

Challenging just how clean and green our diets can be – creating a more sustainable life for people, animals, and the entire ecosystem, the Future Burger is proudly carbon neutral as of very recently. 100% of carbon emissions, from growing crops through to disposal in your own household, is entirely offset so you can fill your gut without any form of eco regret.

“We’re excited to bring Australia a new generation of plant-based meat with the Future Farm range. Our proprietary technology and innovative blend of 3 plant-based proteins is what we expect consumers to be astounded by – superior taste, texture, and tenderness much like real meat”, says Future Farm Founder, Marcos Leta.

Whether you identify as vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, climatarian, we are all welcome to join Future Farm’s pro earth generation, changing the way the world consumes meat. Existing to disrupt the animal farming industry, their vision is to empower individuals to create a positive impact on the planet simply by switching up what we add to our dinner plates.

If you can’t quite get to Bondi this time, no fear! Work some magic on the plant-based patties from the comfort of your own home. Both Future Farm and Justin are entrusting you with the below:

Future Farm Smash Burger


2 Future Farm Burger Patties

2 Slices of vegan cheese

2 Vegan Brioche buns

2 tsp vegan butter

4 burger pickles

¼ Iceberg lettuce

Salt and pepper

TRUFF burger sauce

2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise

1 tbsp TRUFF’s Original Hot Sauce

1 tsp lemon juice

pinch of salt to taste


  1. To make the TRUFF burger sauce add all your ingredients to a bowl and mix, season with a pinch of salt to taste and set aside.
  2. Get a cast iron skillet on medium high heat. Slice your buns in half and butter, then toast. Then set aside.
  3. Add 1-2 tbsp of oil into the skillet and place your burger patties into the pan and using the back of a solid spatula lightly brushed with oil press down until patties are just under 1 cm thick, season with salt and pepper and cook for 2-3mins, then flip. Top with vegan cheese then add a splash of water and cover to allow the cheese to melt, cooking for another 2-3mins. Then remove from the pan.
  4. Finely shred enough iceberg for two burgers.
  5. To assemble, place your cooked patties onto the bottom bun, then top with 2 slices of pickles and a mound of shredded lettuce. On your top bun add a generous amount of your TRUFF burger sauce then crown your burger and enjoy!

Want a taste of the future? Head to Bondi SLSC between 11am and 4pm this National Burger Day, Saturday May 28. Otherwise, head to to learn more about the power of plant protein, before shopping the Future Farm range at your local Coles, today. 

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